Why Visit ?


05th, 06th, 07th of December 2023
10:00 to 18:30


New Delhi

  • Generate new business contacts.
  • Find new markets and opportunities.
  • Gain an overview of the market and industry.
  • Get new ideas for your business, and find novelties.
  • Good commercial contacts, B2B and B2C opportunities.
  • Meet your potential buyers/sellers in the right kind of atmosphere.
  • Develop contacts directly with the companies, buyers, and sellers.
  • Follow the latest trends and innovations – keep yourself up to date.
  • Provides alternatives for sourcing materials, technology, and supplies.
  • Evaluate products and suppliers – you get competitive information about a wide range of products and suppliers in a short space of time.
  • Find information. Gain More Knowledge of Your Industry. Keep in touch with your existing business partners.
  • WOBIITF Fair is a major showcase of Cosmetics, Wellness & Fitness Products, Beauty and Wellness Trends, and Beauty services.
  • Chance to meet leading experts in Cosmetics, Wellness & Fitness Products, Beauty and Wellness Trends, Beauty Services, SPA, and Salon Sectors.
  • World of Beauty India International Trade Fair is the best place where like-minded people and businesses meet and share all their ideas.
  • Event showcases the latest products, trends & techniques and is a big Knowledge Sharing Forum.
  • Evaluate your competitors – a visit to a trade fair in your own industry is an efficient way of gathering competitor intelligence.
  • Network – trade fairs provide a unique venue for people with common interests to connect personally with one another.
  • Evaluate the benefits of possible participation as an exhibitor.
  • You can learn What Works and What Doesn’t. You glean valuable information on what works and what doesn’t for other brands.
  • Place orders and negotiate contracts. Close Deals.